About OpenEMR

Web Based HIPAA Compliant Free Software And Billing
Welcome to the Leading open source EMR for ambulatory care now fully certified. OpenEMR is not just a fully featured open source EMR; it also comes with multiple other open source components and enhancements including integrated practice management, electronic billing, prescription writing, document management, and a patient portal. With well over 3,000 downloads a month.
OpenEMR is one of the most popular open source EMR solutions. OpenEMR is known to have been implemented in 170 countries and it has been translated into 11 different languages. It can be run on multiple operating systems including MacOS, Linux, and Windows, and can be run either as a stand-alone application or as a cloud-based application that can be used by multiple facilities simultaneously.
These efforts should be seen as an example of how an open source community can work together and collaborate in major projects, while at the same time competing for customers. Interestingly enough, this was accomplished without Federal government funding at a time when the government is providing tens of billions of dollars in subsidies for the acquisition and implementation of proprietary, closed-source EHRs.
OpenEMR's certification is the result of extensive collaboration efforts within the OpenEMR community. OpenEMR has a thriving community that includes thousands of users, dozens of individual developers, and more than two dozen commercial solution providers that use OpenEMR as the core of their open source solutions.